Making an economical and environmental impact

SEC-G is committed to promote sustainability among local businesses, local organizations and people while making an impact that matters to our partners. We create long-term stakeholder value by offering extensive service in the following focus areas:

  • Partnerships – networking and creating synergies

  • Operational Excellence – executing the strategy and managing every single flow of value

  • Green Technologies – technologies that benefits nature and businesses

We setup systems which benefits environment and stakeholders by creating highly profitable economies.

A Strategic and Systemic Approach

Our goal is to shape businesses which are sustainable from an ecological and stakeholders perspectives. We use a strategic and systemic approach:

  • Strategy – Triple-bottom approach, sustainability planning and value creation

  • System Engineering – Observing, analyzing, challenging and designing the ecosystem

  • Implementation – executing, managing and analyzing

In addition with the benefits offered by natural ecosystem and green technologies, we aim to out-compete the market by proposing a product which value chain is designed to have a positive multiplier effect on the environment with zero wastes and regenerative.

Meet Our Team

We are a business socially and environmentally responsible. We restore the environment while returning to the society what we earn. We are entrepreneurs with industrial backgrounds, we are inspired by nature complex ecosystems to shape future businesses.

Thomas Widlund
Thomas WidlundCEO / Founder
Thomas is an industrial engineer and an entrepreneur. He worked in the F&B industry before becoming a consultant in project and performance management. During his experiences, he centered sustainability in his decisions and actions.
Eddie EssayemFounder
Eddie is an experienced processes engineer and entrepreneur. After spending some time in the Oil and Gas Industry, Eddie has been devoting is time to develop green processes. One of his research led to transform wood waste into 100% biodegradable polymer.
Antoine ChaignonFounder
Antoine is specialized in strategic development (organic growth, M&A and diversification) and supply chain costs optimization. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a master in green manufacturing and sustainability




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“Through our efforts we are aiming at creating a sustainable world that does not compromise tomorrow’s needs for today’s desires.”



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We are a multi-disciplinary company committed to focussed and efficient sustainable business development with positive footprints on environment and people.

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